Amorie Burns

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Amorie joined the team at the beginning of 2017.  She completed her BA (Psychology & Criminology), BA Hons and Masters in Counselling Psychology  with special focus on sport psychology at the University of Pretoria. Amorie is always up for a challenge and to widen her scope she completed her Internship at Stabillis Treatment Center.  Stabillis Treatment Center is a substance rehabilitation center that focuses on in-patient treatment for patients with dependency on alcohol, drugs and medication abuse. 

Amorie enjoys working with a multidisciplinary team and therefore divides her time between private practice and in-patient hospital work. She currently works at various hospitals assisting patients with trauma.  Furthermore, Amorie believes in sharing knowledge, and therefore accepted a position at the University of Pretoria as guest lecturer in Psychology.

Amorie has received extensive training in Counselling Psychology and has shown an interest in the following areas of therapy: 
  • Substance dependency and addiction
  • Trauma therapy
  • Loss and Bereavement
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Couples and family Counselling
  • Child behaviour problems
  • Sport Performance
  • Career and subject choice evaluations

She has spent time at the Unica school for autistic children and still has a keen interest in working with Autistic children and their parents.

Amorie has a passion for sport.  She represented South Africa at World Championships level and is still a keen participant.  She is happily married  and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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