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We are Johan and Karlien Erasmus. We are available for in-person appointments in Pretoria, South Africa and are also available for online sessions in both South Africa and New Zealand.

Please WhatsApp us on our office number and make use of our email address on the contacts page and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a session.

With over 20 years experience in clinical practice, we can assist you with most of your therapeutic needs.

With online therapy, we can assist you from the comfort of your home or office without losing valuable time travelling. We can also refer to a team of psychiatrists who can assist, should there be concerns for safety or need for medicine review.


We are Johan and Karlien Erasmus. First we are real people and married with two beautiful children. Then we are also psychologists. We strive to celebrate life and bring the richness of our local and international experience into our clinical practice. Our practice was established more than 20 years ago treating individuals, groups and couples of most age groups. We have a keen interest and vast experience in management of loss, trauma and adjustment after medical trauma or diagnoses of illness. Apart from our office consultations, we also consult online in South Africa and New Zealand. Should there be interest from other parts of the world, please make contact with us too.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and surround ourselves with people of excellence to provide the best possible treatment and advice to our clients. We enjoy good and professional relations with our colleagues and believe that we can make a positive contribution to your mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our core values are providing an ethical, professional service in a responsible and respectful manner.


  • Different therapy modalities with children, adolescents and adults.

  • Individual, couples and group therapy.

  • Treatment of stress, anger, depression, trauma, PTSD, dependence problems, chronic illness and mourning.

  • Management of emotional impact of physical trauma during & after hospitalization, pre-and post operative support.

  • Therapeutic support and mentoring for hospital staff members and health care practitioners and team building.

  • South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) psychological evaluations and pilot testing.

  • Professional supervision to other qualified psychologists.

  • Psychometric testing.

  • Psychological support and advice regarding immigration and repatriation.

    Available to families immigrating and families who have parents, children and grandchildren living abroad.



For a Clinical, Counselling or Educational psychologist to be practicing in South Africa, he or she needs to be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Healthcare Funders to get a practice number. To practice as a New Zealand registered psychologist, you have to be registered at New Zealand Psychology Board and have an annual practicing certificate. The psychologists at our practice are all registered at the above mentioned organizations. If you are not certain or if you do not see the registration certificate in the practice or on the business cards of the psychologist, feel free to ask. Remember that you always have the right to let your voice be heard.

This purely depends on who you will feel more comfortable with. If you are uncertain and need more guidance who you need to make an appointment with, you are welcome to phone our rooms and talk to one of our psychologists. A general guideline may be to look at relationships in your life and people of authority and becoming aware who you identify with better. It is also important to take this into account when making an appointment for both you and your spouse, in the case of couples or marriage counselling. Remain sensitive to the needs and likes of your spouse, especially when you need buy-inn from him/her.

Yes you can!Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) or card payments are also very safe, cheaper, and the preferred method of payment. The individual practices are all contracted out which means that you have to pay for your session directly after the session. You will be provided with a statement that you can send in to your medical aid for a refund – depending on your specific fund or plan. This way you will always be in control of your spend and know exactly what the fund available for psychology would be. 

Each psychologist at our offices is contracted out and this means that you will have to pay for the session directly after. However, you will be provided with a statement directly after the session you can send in to your medical fund and claim the amount back (fund dependent). We however still recommend that you confirm with your medical aid what your benefits for psychological services are. Often this type of service is deducted from your day to day savings account. If your medical fund does not provide any benefits for psychotherapy, payment remains your responsibility.

This is a private practice. This practice is not contracted to medical aid tariffs or any reference price list. Please enquire directly with us about our fee structure. You will have to pay for each session directly after the session via EFT or direct transfer and we shall provide you with a statement to claim back from your medical fund for reimbursement if applicable.

Just like we are all different, our therapeutic processes may also differ. The amount of sessions is determined by the need and process.  The process can be and might initially feel  challenging and difficult but persevere and discuss this with your therapist. Therapy sessions usually take place weekly.

A standard therapy session usually has a duration of between 50-60 minutes. Sessions may however be somewhat longer where a person needs to do psychometric testing or has travelled from far away. Inpatient sessions may also differ in duration and frequency.

Contact us via email, telephone or WhatsApp and we shall schedule an appointment with you. You will have to fill in a consent form before the start of the first session that could be forwarded to you or via the link at the bottom of our page, before the start of the first session. It is not necessary to be formally referred by a doctor.

Should we provide sessions whilst you are admitted in hospital, we need a formal referral letter from your referring doctor.

Psychotherapy is an intervention used by a professionally trained psychologists to assist in coping and managing challenges of life and mental illness. This usually includes increasing individual sense of wellbeing and wellbeing reducing subjective discomfort. Psychologists utilise a range of techniques to facilitate a therapeutic process.