Do I Need a Psychologist?

Do you feel generally ‘OK-ish’ but feel that you can achieve more and are uncertain how? Do you sometimes doubt your ability or feel that there must be more to it? Are relationships not working out as you intended? Do you feel as if you can just stay inside or in bed all day, not speak to anyone today or tomorrow or ever? Does it all feel just too much at times or as if things do not make sense any longer? Do you feel that you are losing the ones that care for you and love you?

Do you sometimes fear things that others seem to do in their stride and don’t think about twice? Is your functioning significantly impaired because of what is happening or not happening in your life? Do you feel quite ‘normal’ but may just need a bit of perspective or reflection on this?

If you could see yourself in one or more of the above questions, then you might benefit from consulting a psychologist.

Surely a simple, Yes, everyone needs a psychologist from time to time! will not do. Seeing a psychologist does not mean that one is mad, out of your mind, have lost it completely or that you have got a psychological problem. On the contrary, it may indicate that you have got “guts” to address things that you find difficult in your life or that you have got vision and want to achieve more than now. Although we also deal with more ‘heavy’ stuff like trauma, depression, anxiety, personality disorders and other clinical disorders, we mostly see ‘normal’ people with everyday difficulties for which they want some or other solution, redefinition or different perspective.

Therapy to us is not only about what is difficult or troublesome or limiting, but also include elements of positive psychology. During the therapeutic process, we try to highlight, utilise and build on the strengths in a persons life to help master the difficulty, traumas or challenges we face. We want you to feel more in control, understand the reason for the difficulties and gain skills to manage and master it.

So come on, choose this investment for yourself. It may just change your life and possibly the lives of those around you too!