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Johan and Karlien started their practice having a specific interest in Health and Medical Psychology. Although we run a general practice from our offices in Pretoria we also consult in most private hospitals in Pretoria. Apart from our office consultations, we also do patient consultations in private hospitals and provide regular debriefing sessions for hospital personnel at various hospitals in Pretoria. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach and surround ourselves with people of excellence to provide the best possible treatment and advice to our clients. We enjoy good and professional relations with our colleagues and is positive that we can also make a positive contribution to your mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Our highly ethical and professional standard as well as good responsible work delivered in a respectful and empathetic manner are some of our core values. 

The services that we offer include, amongst others, psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults, Individual-, couples- and group therapy, treatment of stress, anger, depression, dependence problems, chronic illness and mourning, mangement of the emotional impact of various physical trauma during and after hospitilization, pre-and post operative support, psychotherapy for hospital staff members, team building, psychometric testing and facillitation. 

Johan finished his BA and BA Hons at the University of Pretoria and his Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of North West. He completed his internship at Bophelong Psychiatric Hospital, IPELEGENG Child and Family Center and a private practice in Middelburg where after he started his own practice.

Being the holder of a Comercial Pilots licence and a Flight Instructor on fixed wing aircraft, Johan also has a keen interest in Aviation Psychology and is an associate member of the Australian Aviation Psychology Association. He is also past member of the Aviation Medical Committee of the South African Civil Aviation Authority. He loves the outdoors and various sporting activities. He also worked at Emirates Airlines for some time as Flight  Training Human Factors Specialist.

Karlien started and completed her studies at the University of Pretoria. She completed her BA, BA Hons and Masters degree with specialization in Counselling Psychology. She completed her PhD thesis with the title " Family processes in families with adolescents diagnosed with epilepsy". 

Apart from painting and her creative handwork hobbies, Karlien passed a grade 8 UNISA examination in piano and also obtained a Performance Certificate from Trinity College. From here her interest in the effect of music and creativity on the psyche and how this can be utilized in the process of therapy. She has extensive practice experience and a keen interest in psycho-neurology and often treats pseudo-medical conditions with close interactions with neurologists and neuro-rehab professionals. She works closely with the Neurologists at Groenkloof hospital as part of their treatment for epilepsy, stroke and other neurological problems.

Johan and Karlien are married and work together well on different levels. They have attended and presented papers and workshops at national- and international level. Although both have a general practice, they have a keen interest in the medical field and how psychology impacts on healing and illness within the hospital setting. These consultations have branched out from assisting patients and their families in hospital, to assisting on a management level on a consultation basis. This means that they assist management to address difficulties on a staff level in various Intensive Care Units, Theatres as well as other wards in these hospitals. Together they have hosted various Team Building sessions with various hospital staff groups including staff on a management level.

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